Unit 1: Families

Storybooks that we will read in Unit 1 are below.  We read each book at least 3 times. Each reading has a different focus (enjoyment, vocabulary, comprehension.) Children are kept engage with open-ended, higher-order questions throughout story time. Ask your child about the storybooks. Ask them to retell the story for you. One of our first books is OONGA BOONGA.        

oonga boonga

We will also read Whistle For Willie as well as Peter's Chair, both written by Ezra Jack Keats.

Whistle for Willie
peters chair

 We use different themes from the storybooks to build the rest of the activities in the classroom. The grandfather in Oonga Boonga plays music. We have been discussing musical instruments and making our own percussion instruments. The bottle shakers offered the children an introduction to a project with a procedure.  They were able to refer to the chart to complete the project. Procedural writing is a skill that children have to do in Kindergarten. We aim to expose children to these concepts. 

Bottle Shakers