Presumpscot River Expedition

The Presumpscot River

The Story - River of Rough Places

Historical Accounts of The Presumpscot

Fred Dillon's Presentation

Organizations and Charities

Maine Rivers
Friends of the Presumpscot
Presumpscot River Watch
Presumpscot River Watershed Coalition
Presumpscot River Youth Coalition Corps
Friends of Casco Bay
Casco Bay Estuary Partnership
Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District
Maine Water Environment Association
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Environment Maine
Portland Water District
Portland Water District Annual Report
Friends of Sebago - Restoring the Presumpscot

Discovering Water
A magazine created by students at Windham High

World Environmental Organizations

Goodnet Charities - Water Organizations
The Water Project

 Clean Water Act and the Law 

Maine History Online - Senator Muskie
Kennebec Journal - Clean Water Act Article
Environment Education For Kids

Climate Change, Pollution,
Conservation & Biodiversity

Mayday - Gulf of Maine in Distress - Climate Change
Maine Biodiversity and Climate Change
Mocomi - What is Biodiveristy?
Ecofriendly Kids - Biodiversity and Nature
Earth Easy - Water Conservation at Home
The Water Page - How Kids Can Conserve
New York Time articles about toxic waters
Portland Press Herald - Maine Beaches
Earth Science in Maine
Environmental Impact of Paper Mills
20 Most Polluted Rivers in the World

Rivers & How They are Important

USGS Water Science School - Longest Rivers, Quality, etc.
Longest Rivers in the World 
NOAA - What is a Fish Ladder?
How Stuff Works - Fish Ladders
Sappi Selects Westbrook Fishway Plan - Press Herald article
National Geographic - Rivers
Homework Help - Why Are Rivers Important?
Maine DEP - Classification of Maine Rivers

 Hydropower Links

 Energy Kids - Hydropower
AE Kids - Hydropower
Kid's Korner - Hydropower
Toward a New Balance in the 21st Century


Wastewater 101

Bill Nye - Water Cycle

Bill Nye - Rivers and Streams

Power of Water - Gristmill

Power of Water - Sawing lumber

Power of Water - Hydropower

Why Do Rivers Curve?

The Death of a River

Friends of the Presumpscot

The Presumpscot River Background

How Water Wheels Work

How Do Hydropower Dams Work?

How Does HydroElectricity Work? Niagara Falls

How Paper is Made - SAPPI

Koch paper pollution chokes Ouachita River

Biosphere 2

Paddle to the Sea - video made from the award-winning book

 river map  
 Vocabulary Help


Glossary of River Terms
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