Mrs. H. Nichols

       Last year's  Water Wonders magazine came out great! If you would like to take a look at it, below is the link for an online version.   

  Tower Garden Project  

     Last week, my students assembled our own Tower Garden, planted seeds, and begin the journey of becoming gardeners. 
      What exactly is a Tower Garden? It is a vertical garden powered by aeroponics. Visit for more details. Check this page often to see our gardeners and garden in action.

There was a  lot of collaboration
going on while assembling
our Tower Garden.

assembly 2

This was last year's Tower
in full "bloom".
We can't wait to see 
year's crop! 

june 3


We planted our seeds and they've
started to germinate.  Once the
roots are long enough we can
transfer the seedlings into
the net pots.