Mrs. Surace

Launch/Practice Stage for Research Lab:


 1)Pollinator rap  

1b) video about bees and pollination, growing vegetables (middle school girl with scientist narrate, 3 minutes)

 2) Poem/Song about pollination

 3) Short Book: Reproduction in Plants

 4) Detailed video about plant pollination    (adult women narrate, sing)

 5)Beauty of Pollinators

All about Pollination

7)   (simple drawing to explain pollinators)




Extend Stage  

Why are some insects better pollinators than others?

I can research to figure out why some animals are better pollinators than others.

I can explain why pollen sticks to honey bees but not all other insects.

I can collaborate with a group to record and discuss research.

9) Other Insects pollinators

10)Different Types of Animal Pollinators


What makes a good pollinator?


12)Best Pollinators

13) Which insects use flowers for food? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHOICE AND CHALLENGE STAGE

Background information for whole class:   (video about hybrid insects)

Use the sites below to research  and record specific facts about these insects:  dragonflies, grasshoppers, praying mantis

What makes these insects strong and helpful?

What are their natural strengths and weaknesses?

What body parts would have to be added or changed to turn them into a Pollinator?!/register


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