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A Letter from Nurse Beth

Hello Everyone,

I have missed you all so much. We are in for an interesting year. I know you have many information resources about the Corona Virus and School Reopening. In this letter will be a few reminders of the things to do everyday. For much more information you can look online at home page. Then click on School Reopening, then scroll down a bit till you see Health and Safety on that for more details.

You may also reach out to me with any questions at 874-8220 or my email

  1. Every morning your children go to school you must do a health screening. The district will be sending you a virtual tool to use for this purpose. Basically, you must keep your child home if they have a fever of 100.4 or higher, or are experiencing coughing, shortness of breath, vomiting, sore throat. This is a partial list of symptoms.

  2. Everyone, adults and children must wear a mask or face covering while at school. Scarves and gators are not correct. The mask must fit snugly over the nose, mouth and chin. A clean mask must be worn for each day. You can wash them in soap and water and hang them overnight to dry. PLEASE PUT THE CHILD’S NAME ON THE MASK.

  3. Please update your contact information and your emergency contact information with the school. If I need to send your child home sick you must be able to have them picked up asap.

  1. We all need to remember to social distance. Adults must be 6 feet from everyone when at all possible. Children may social distance at 3 feet with masks on. Teach your children to practice by putting their arms out from their sides....without touching the next person...”T” shaped.

  2. Lastly...wash hands often, use hand sanitizer also. Sanitize hands when exiting and entering a room, after recess, before and after eating, going to the bathroom, putting on or taking off mask, using shared items.


Wishing us all the best,
Nurse Beth