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What's Happening at Presumpscot

Kindergarten Parent Orientation
Kindergarten Parent Orientation.
Please join us on Thursday, May 11, at 6:00, for Kindergarten Orientation.  READ MORE...
School Handbook.
Be sure to check out our school handbook. It can be found here or under the "For Students" tab  READ MORE...
The Amazing World of Lobsters.
“The Amazing World of Lobsters,” an ABC book about lobsters created by Presumpscot Elementary School third-graders last year under the guidance of teachers Suzanne Keller and Heidi Nichols, has been chosen as “exemplary student work” by EL Education’s Models of Excellence team. The student work will be included in EL Education's The Center for High Quality Student Work.  READ MORE...
 Cynthia Loring  

 News From the Principal, Cynthia Loring

Please enjoy Ms. Loring's Presumpscot School's Family and Community newsletter.

Winter 2017 Newsletter

Be sure to read the latest edition of the
AMPS (Art, Music, Phys. Ed & Spanish)  Newsletter.
It can be found under our NEWS & EVENTS tab.

Be sure to read the newest Forecaster article about the Rock Chorus, a program for students at Ocean Avenue and Presumpscot Schools. 

Thank you to all who joined us at our second Cook and Meet on March 4th. 


 Cook&meet1  Cook&Meet2  Cook&Meet4

 MAMM Launches MAMMOTH Rock Chorus
 at Portland Public Schools

 MAMMOTH continues to grow!  The Maine Academy of Modern Music is proud to announce that it will be bringing its MAMMOTH Rock Chorus program to two Portland elementary schools this year.  

Thanks to the generous support of the school's PTO, MAMM instructor Emilia Dahlin will lead the rock chorus program during the school day at the Ocean Avenue Elementary School in collaboration with the school's music teacher, Heather Sumner. Funding from a grant from the Portland Education Foundation will allow Emilia to host students from the Presumpscot Elementary School after school at MAMM's new location just two doors down the street. 

Read more about this wonderful program.  Click here.