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  December 2016  
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What's Happening at Presumpscot

Grade Level Curriculum Nights - .
Please join us to learn more about the rigorous teaching and learning that your child is engaged in at Presumpscot and how to support your child's learning.  READ MORE...
School Handbook.
Be sure to check out our school handbook. It can be found here or under the "For Students" tab  READ MORE...
The Amazing World of Lobsters.
“The Amazing World of Lobsters,” an ABC book about lobsters created by Presumpscot Elementary School third-graders last year under the guidance of teachers Suzanne Keller and Heidi Nichols, has been chosen as “exemplary student work” by EL Education’s Models of Excellence team. The student work will be included in EL Education's The Center for High Quality Student Work.  READ MORE...
 Cynthia Loring  

 News From the Principal, Cynthia Loring


Dear Presumpscot Families, Friends and Community Members,

Welcome to a new school year! :) It has been a positive and smooth start to the school year
 at Presumpscot Elementary School. 

We hope that your children are excited about the year ahead and ready to demonstrate
the "Presumpscot Promise" to help them grow stronger as scholars and citizens.

Please click on the link for the September/October edition of the Presumpscot
Elementary School  bi-monthly newsletter.

You will find information on the following: classroom highlights; upcoming events;
Family Council news; important school information;  and much more. We hope you find this
newsletter helpful to keep you up-to-date on all the happenings at Presumpscot Elementary School. 

If you would prefer a paper copy of this newsletter, please let Mrs. Blais  know and we would be
happy to send one home with our student(s). 


   Introducing  Our  Newest  Student  Leaders   
   Student Leaders
 Fifth Grade Leaders: Sophia, Destinie, Anita, Asha, Kauther, Sean

Fourth Grade Leaders: Salma, Kadija, Nurdiin, Hrira, Khalid, Sumeya,


Student Leaders represent all the students of Presumpscot School, actively making our school and community a better place. You can see some of the big things they do, like running monthly Community Meetings and making a video for new staff and students. You will hear their voices on the intercom every morning reading morning announcements. However, there are so many small things they do that you might miss- things like collaborating with Unum to plan the reading volunteers program and acting as official greeters to guests of our school. It’s not easy becoming a Student Leader! All hopefuls had to write an application explaining why they want to lead the school. Each application was also signed by an adult in the school as a reference. Students who applied did a group interview with an audition. In the end, Ms. S.Nichols and Mrs. Dalphin had the tough job of picking only six from each grade to join. (Students who were not made leaders will participate in many ways over the year, including adding movement and skits to Community Meeting, making cards for veterans for local hospitals.) One thing is for sure, everything Student Leaders do shows the values and character of Presumpscot School to make the world a more positive place!